How to make the MOST impact with your social media strategy

With all the changes to Facebook and other social media platforms and algorithm’s, it is not surprising that many people don’t know where to turn in regard to generating engagement with their social media strategy. For the most part many users still believe that the number of likes their Facebook posts generate is a sign of succeeding and engaging clients. The reality is if you’re relying solely on organic reach on Facebook you could be better utilising the platform and at the same time are passing up some valuable opportunities to create smart engagement and conversion.

One such tool definitely worth investigating as part of your social media strategy and a great place to start creating impactful valuable engagement is Ads Manager. Ads Manager allows you to create a customised ad that has value, that speaks to your clients and target audience. The trick is creating something that really engages your intended audience, not just some salesy pitch, but a video, catchy image, outstanding expose of a blog post, whatever it is that is not only in line with your branding, philosophy and business, but makes your audience feel like you are nurturing your friendship. In essence that you understand their needs, wants, and goals and are speaking directly to them.

Once you have created your attention-grabbing ad, the fun begins. Ads manager allows you the ability to utilise your email lists, sales funnels etc to curate who sees your ad, while also giving options to simultaneously reach what is known as ‘look- a- like’ audiences, users that have something in common with your client base whether it be interests, behaviours, demographics etc. This is truly maximising the potential conversion of your ad, but more detail on that another day.

As people start commenting and liking your ad you will notice a button that comes up next to their name saying ‘invite.’ Clicking this and you have just done yourself a time and money saving act of business connection. With this one click you have invited them to like your page and become part of your client and customer base. Less time, more value than simply hoping for organic likes. The more people you engage the more people you have to reach with future ads as well, which in turn opens up more possibilities to sales and conversion.

While ads manager is a paid means of marketing, the amount you invest is your choice. Start small, test the waters. In our mind, the investment will reap the rewards. Here at Tread we believe in using tact and skill to maximise strategies to improve business success, because when you are trying to build a sustainable empire you have to think not just big, but smart! If this just all seems to be overwhelming why not reach out and connect, our team would be happy to engage further with how we can perhaps help you grow your business through time and cost-effective marketing strategies.

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